Look Better and Live Longer? How Appearance can Boost Health
Posted by jeunesseglobal, 05/17/2018 6:43 am

A study of twins in Denmark discovered that the younger looking twin in the duo was statistically more likely to live longer than their sibling. The researchers determined that the genetics that caused the more youthful appearance also helped the body to remain healthier. Applications of serums and creams to reduce the signs of aging are not the solution to an instantly longer life. There are reasons to believe that they could be the boost people need to make changes that could lead to a healthier life.

Improve Your Mood

Confidence is a mood booster and longevity has frequently been linked to people that live happier lives. Unhappy, depressed people tend to have less healthy diets, less energy and higher blood pressure. It is worth the investment in products like Jeunesse Instantly Ageless to gain that little push towards feeling more self-assured and happy.


Encourage More Improvement

Positive results encourage people to make more changes. Slowly fading creases and lines in the face may convince someone to quit smoking, eat better and drink more water. The added changes can lead to even more improvement and a larger commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Clean living is no guarantee of a longer life, but it is a change that increases the odds of reaching an advanced age and being more mobile and comfortable while getting there.

Social Interaction Increases

It is normal to want to get out and socialize when looking great and a busier social calendar could delay aging. Studies have shown that people that develop strong social relationships reduce their odds of dying over a set amount of time by as much as 50 percent. There were 150 studies that spanned eight years that revealed the same type of data. The friendships encouraged people to live better, gave them happiness and helped to reduce stress.

Buying products from Jeunesse Global will not instantly add years to a life, but it is a step that could help. The positive reactions people receive after starting a skin care regimen can be enough to encourage more change and effort. It is a safe and painless way to begin a whole new method of self-care.

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